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Laryngoscope KAL-A100

Laryngoscope KAL-A100

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Description :

Laryngoscope KAL-A100 is standard optical laryngoscope set with three blades designed with true mac curve for maximum view. Blades are manufactured from surgical grade durable stainless steel preventing cross-infection. Standard fine-knurled handle design ensures firm and steady grip. Stainless steel contact light bulb serves reliable standards of illumination.

Specifications :

Bulb One spare bulb
Bulb type Stainless bulb
Blades 3 Macintosh blades
Handle Standard Knurled
Blade Dimension Large : 160mm
Medium : 130mm
Small: 100mm

Features :

  • 100% stainless steel blades
  • Macintosh blades in 3 sizes
  • Standard durable handle

Applications :

Used in Emergency departments, general wards as well as clinical and primary healthcare environment for use in anaesthesia/resuscitation for endotracheal intubation or to inspepction of vocal folds and the glottis.


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