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Portable Color Doppler KCD-A200

Portable Color Doppler KCD-A200

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Description :

Portable Color Doppler system KCD-A200 is a continuous wave doppler equipped with color LCD screen for real-time triplex display offering a wide range of imaging modes. Excellent system performance combined with automatic optimized image enhancements. Advanced report management system supports versatile image formats and offers superior storage capacity. Supports various connectivity options for data transmission.

Specifications :

Display Size 12” Color LCD Triplex display
Imaging Technology 3D/4D Imaging
Image Format AVI, JPG, TIF, BMP, SEQ, DICOM 3.0
Beam Formation DAS Technology
Report Generation Automatic
TGC 8 segment (3 segment simultaneous adjustments)
Connectivity USB 2.0 RS-232, XGA, DICOM 3.0, PAL-D, DVD-R/W
Interface Alphanumeric keyboard, switch-control, Backlit-navigation knob
Dimensions 460 x 380 x 570 mm
Weight 17 kgs

Features :

  • 12-inch color LCD display screen
  • Digital beam emission technology
  • Portable and easy user interface
  • Accurate and quick measurement
  • Medical grade report management system
  • Various modes of data transmission
  • Fusion THI for clear tissue harmonic imaging
  • Advanced image processing technology

Applications :

Used in diagnostic centers, hospital and nursing homes for cardiac, vascular, obstetric and urological imaging to perform primary interventional tests or morphological examinations.

Standard Accessories :

SrStandard AccessoriesQty
1Transducer : Convex 5C2A(2.0-5.0 MHz)1
2Transducer : Linear 12L5A (5.0-12MHZ)1

Optional Accessories :

SrOptional AccessoriesQty
1Transducer : Transvaginal 8EC4(4.0-8.0 MHz)1
2Transducer : Phased array 4V2S(2.0-4.0 MHz)1
3Transducer : 6V2W Volume 4D probe1
4Medical Video Printer1
5Biopsy Bracket 1


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