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Digital Video Dermatoscope KDD-A100

Digital Video Dermatoscope KDD-A100

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Description :

Digital Video Dermatoscope KDD-A100 is a portable, ultra-compact skin-surface examination unit equipped with lens digital magnification up to 500x and color display for effective imaging. Advanced microscopic imaging captures microscopic skin textures with detailed resolution in video as well as photographic formats. Variable brightness levels for polarization ensures vibrant images and videos.

Specifications :

Display 3” TFT panel, 4:3 ratio
Magnification Optical : 20-200 X
Digital : 500 X
Image sensor 5 MP
Still image resolution 12 M (4030x3024), 9 M, 5 M, 3 M, 1.3 M, VGA
Video capture resolution VGA, QVGA
Frame rate 30 fps at VGA
Light source 8 LEDS with brightness adjustable
Power source Li ion 3.7 V/1050 mAh rechargeable battery
Adaptor Input: 100-240 V
USB output: 5V 1A
TV output To any monitor with TV-in
Dimension 130 × 103 × 29 mm
Weight 195 g (With battery)

Features :

  • In-built Polarized as well as Non-polarized technology
  • Range of still Image resolutions
  • Variable levels of magnification
  • Plug-in for TV/Laptop
  • Integrated metal support stand

Applications :

Used in dermatology clinics, medical Spa to record clinical and dermatoscopic images for documenting, monitoring and supporting differential diagnosis of melanoma and other skin lesions.


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