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Platelet Incubator KPI-A200

Platelet Incubator KPI-A200

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Description :

Platelet Incubator KPI-A200 is a continuous side-to-side motion agitation incubator which operates at a temperature range of 4°C to 37°C with 6 agitation chambers. Equipped with stainless steel wire shelf system to enable easy sliding and mounting. System features precise temperature control, large data storage, real-time temperature trends and alarming for temperature limits, open door, low voltage and power off conditions. Galvanized steel exterior with chrome-nickel interior improves toughness and durability.

Specifications :

Temperature Range (Set point - 22°C) 22°C to 24°C
Capacity 6 agitators (30 shelves)
Internal dimensions 1162 x 580 x 1600 mm
Stroke speed 60 strokes/min
Construction Galvanized steel
Interiors Chrome-Nickel plating with LED lighting
Sensitivity 0.1°C
Data storage Stores data up to 30 days
Connectivity USB port
Power supply 195 V - 230 V / 50 Hz
External dimensions 1215 x 697 x 2000 mm
Mobility 4 castor wheels
Weight 400 Kg

Features :

  • Micro-processor based temperature control
  • 6 Integrated agitators
  • Double-glazed insulation with magnetic gasket
  • CFC-free eco-friendly cooling
  • Automatic charging for power back up
  • Interior chamber illumination
  • User-friendly digital control panel
    Auto-cut off (Fan and Agitator) at open door detection
  • Thermal printer (optional)

Applications :

Used in diagnostic laboratories, hospital blood banks, blood transfusion centers, clinical pathology laboratories for storage of cell platelets with continuous suspension at room temperature to maintain consistent oxygenation, their in vitro quality, in vivo effectiveness and preservation stability.


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