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Electric Suction Machine KSM-A201

Electric Suction Machine KSM-A201

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Description :

Electric Suction Machine KSM-A201 is a clinical phlegm suction unit with mobile trolley. Incorporated oil-free piston pump with analog vacuum gauge housed in a crevice-free plastic exterior with two interconnected glass reservoirs for efficient suction performance. Advanced overflow-protection design of graduated suction reservoir prevents leakage of aspirated fluids. Trolley is equipped with metallic push handle and swivel casters for improved stability and smooth conveyance.

Specifications :

Vacuum Pressure ( Negative ) 0.09 MPa
Reservoir Capacity 2500 ml ( 2 Jars )
Pumping Rate ≥ 20 L/min
Continuous Operation Up to 30 min
Input Power 120 VA
Noise ≤ 70 dB
Power Supply 220 V±10% , 50 Hz±2%
Dimensions 465 x 415 x 645 mm
Weight 14 Kgs

Features :

  • Oil-free suction mechanism
  • Advanced overflow-protection design
  • Integrated trolley
  • Suitable for surgical procedures

Applications :

Used in hospital wards, surgical rooms as well as at home by medical professionals or patients for performing aspirations or suction of congestive secretions for respiratory home-care.


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