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Vein Illuminator KVI-A100

Vein Illuminator KVI-A100

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Description :

Vein Illuminator KVI-A100 is a portable illumination unit with NIR for projection of vein image on superficial skin. It allows quick and precise vein display which is useful for infants (newborns), pediatricians and adults. Provides significant help for patients whose vein access becomes a challenge such as dark skin, hairy skin, swollen tissues, obese, old age etc.

Specifications :

Display Mode Screen
Wavelength (Infrared) 850 nm
Image Resolution 640 x 480 Pixel
Optimal Imaging Distance 210 mm ± 30 mm
Power Source 3000 mAh
Source Voltage DC 7.4 V
Dimension 242 x 182 x 70 mm
Weight 950 gms

Features :

  • Large display screen for vein viewing
  • Provides real time accurate images
  • Adjustable height antennae
  • Improves site selection (cursor locator)
  • Reduces discomfort

Applications :

Used in hospitals, clinical labs, blood donation camps, rehabilitation department, academic institutions and others for intravenous access and blood collection


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