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Vein Illuminator KVI-A200

Vein Illuminator KVI-A200

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Description :

Vein Illuminator KVI-A200 is a table-top vein finder equipped with two imaging modules, selectable according to patient‘s skin tone for improved peripheral vein imaging. Medical cold light ensures safer prolonged usage. Adjustable image clarity enables detailed vascular structure. Easy to install, light and compact machine. A quick, accurate and economical solution for optimal vascular imaging.

Specifications :

Optical Technology Infrared Projection
Luminosity Range 300 lux ~ 1000 lux
Optimal Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Optimal Humidity ≤ 80%
Optimal Pressure 700 hPa ~ 1060 hPa
Dimension 5.5” x 3” x 2.6”
Weight 5 Kgs

Features :

  • Cold light projection technology
  • Selectable imaging modes (Blue-White/Red-Green)
  • Fine vascular accuracy and clarity
  • Light and compact design
  • Adjustable image clarity and brightness
  • Easy positioning and operation
  • Battery low and charging indicator

Applications :

Used in diagnostic clinics, hospital wards, rehabilitation and blood transfusion centers to identify, assess and view patient’s vasculature for successful venipuncture in single attempt, reduce patient discomfort and prevent complications of IV therapy.


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